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  City Katy , TX
  Zip Code 77494
  Phone Number (281) 394-2867

  • I would not recommend this business
  • NONE
  • Neglects animals, leaves the house a mess, lies about service provided.

This service neglects dogs. She was paid to come to our house 3 times a day for 2 weeks. Once in the morning to let our 4 dogs out, once around noon to bring them in because of the oppressive heat, and once in the evening to take them for a walk, then leave them inside overnight. When we got home from vacation, our home was in shambles. There were at least 10 pee stains on an area rug, 3 puddles of pee on our hardwood floor, and our couch was covered in pee stained dog prints. The entire house smelled of urine. We thought something was wrong because our dogs are house trained and only have accidents if left inside for very long periods of time. She says on her website she cleans pet accidents but obviously doesn't.
Our neighbors came over and said she would leave the dogs out all night long, and there were days she wouldn't come until noon the next day to take care of them, where she would some times leave them outside, sometimes put them inside. The outside temps were 95F+, way too hot to leave dogs out all day long. When they confronted her about this, she blatantly lied to their face about leaving the dogs outside all night long, and called my neighbor terrible names when pressed on this issue. We called her to get to the bottom of it and she lied to us about it as well, going back and forth between "no I didn't" and "well, the circumstances were tough"(what ever that means). She also said she took them for walks like we agreed upon, but I found the leash we left her with a ring of dust outlining where it was on the counter. When confronted about this, she lied again and said she took them for walks with that leash.
Our neighbor timed her for a week, and she stayed a minimum of 4 mins and a max of 11 mins during her visits, when it clearly states on her website 30-45 mins per visit. This woman is deplorable. She is not a pet lover at all and neglected our 4 dogs for 2 weeks. They were left in the house for so long that they broke a window in the kitchen trying to get out. DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE!!!!!!! This woman is a liar and a cheat and will take your money and do the bare minimum to keep your pets alive.

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