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It is our mission to provide our customers and their pets the finest personalized care and service possible in an open and inviting home-like atmosphere. Our friendly, professional team shares your love for your pet! We look ahead to getting to know our patients and their families. We take drops offs M-F, to enables us to take attention of your precious pet while you are at work.

Many of the same rescue groups and Austin based businesses will return, and they've added many more. And yes.the costume contest will be back ! So, start thinking of costume ideas for your dog now. They have some amazing prizes in store for the winners!

I invite you to browse through my store and shop with confidence. Almost-Human has been in business for over ten years and our designer collars have been featured in numerous international and national magazines. All of the collars for cats are SAFETY collars.see the About Us at bottom of page for more information on sizing, etc.

Cats & dogs are creatures of habit. Having a petsitter care for them in your absence enables them to keep their routine as normal as possible. So that your pet s may enjoy the luxury of being in the comfort and safety of their home, I will visit them while you are away to supply love and attention.

What sets us apart from the pack? We insure a quality workout for your high-energy dog at one of Austin's leash-free parks where he or she can run and play with other like-minded dogs. Our pick up and delivery service to and from your home is at no extra charge.

HERPETON Exotic Pets has been a fixture in Austin for 16 years. In that time, we currently have made many, many families happier with the addition of a best quality exotic pets. HERPETON Exotic Pets is open 7 days a week to serve your requirements. Only a few blocks N of 183 on the E side of Burnet Road is our new stand alone building!

At Dancing Dingo we trust that providing naturally-nice-for-you body products makes naturally cheerful, healthy people! There is no reason to settle for anything less for you and your family. We provide a huge array of natural and earth friendly products for every member of the family. For the natural baby we provide our Dingo Baby line of gentle and skin-friendly essentials.

Above are Cpls Moore and Street. Steve was their primary instructor. The bar for dog training in Austin, San Antonio, and Houston Texas has been raised. Nicely Trained Dog is backed by over 30 years of experience and knowledge in dog training. Training is tailored to suit your specific training goals based upon you and your dogs abilities.

Whether you want to do it yourself or leave it to an expert, Mud Puppies is your one-stop pet pampering destination! Our self-service dog wash allows you to leave behind the hassle and mess of washing your dog at home. Just bring in your dog, and we will provide the rest. Now with two full-time groomer's available seven days a week capable of helping you find the correct clip for your pet!

Groomingdale's of Austin is an exciting new concept in animal care, centering around a complete-service pet grooming salon with full, separate facilities for both dogs and cats. We're dedicated to moving toward a more natural approach for your pet's physical and emotional well-being.

  • Took our little rat-terrier mix to Groomingdale's for the first time yesterday for a bath,

To supply the highest possible service and service to customers and patients in order to generate higher levels of human-animal bonding, while delivering employees with desirable, fulfilling and financially rewarding employment. Our hospital hours are Monday through Friday 7AM to 6PM. Saturdays, we're open from 8AM to 12 noon. Do I need to have an appointment? Yes, we see patients by appointment.

It feels like it's been forever, but we are really excited. We're always searching for great people to join our staff. Keep up to date with the newest services and events at Dirty Dog. Here are the things we get asked about most frequently. Find out what our other clients are saying about us. We give you all the tools to make your dog sparkle or at least smell great!

Adette's Ark Pet Sitting has been delivering quality pet sitting services since May of 2000. Adette's Ark is committed to your pet's well being and happiness. Our mission is for our customers to travel with peace of mind, knowing their pets are in the hands of a loving and caring professional. Adette has a deep love and understanding of animals. Animals seem to feel the same way towards her.

Cheerful Mailman is a very special dog boarding, dog daycare, and self-serve dog wash facility in Austin, Texas. Happy Mailman provides a safe, fun, and caring environment for your dog. We specialize in outdoor and indoor group socialization and play that feature spacious, cageless areas.

  • I just picked up my puppy this morning after leaving her with Happy Mailman for a week.

We're taking reservations now for the Holidays and they are going fast! Plan ahead- don't be disappointed! Make your appointments now, it is always a nice idea to have an appointment! The Plush Pad team of Pet Professionals has a passion for animals. Each of our stylists have been grooming for three decades.

Check our calendar for upcoming events, Lofty Dog store specials, and other pet happenings. November 14th 6:30PM - fourth Annual Rags to Wags Gala: Benefiting the Austin Humane Society, this year's event will be held in the newly renovated Hyatt Regency Austin---set on the scenic downtown shore of Lady Bird Lake Pooch in NEED of home! Linus is a Shepherd mix who is learning speedily.

Capital City Dog Training is a locally owned business that believes in promoting the healthiest possible relationship between owners and their dogs. We recognize that the fastest, and more than likely, the most fun way to evolve and strengthen this bond is with the use of training. Capital City Dog Training only uses methods derived from a positive reinforcement standpoint.

Even though it contains information we think you should know, it contains ugly graphic descriptions. Don't miss Fleas, Never Again: Everything you NEED to know about fleas and more than any one person WANTS to know. It makes short work of any flea situation. OVER 23 MILLION CATS URINE MARK There are actually two problems: Marking and Furniture Scratching.

Custom styling for all breeds, and combinations of breeds. West End Grooming has been serving Austin with over twenty years of knowledge. We use organic and non-toxic flea shampoo, human-grade shampoos and conditioners, NO tranquilizers, and NO perfumes and colognes because we believe your pet should enjoy their day at the spa as much as you do!

As a member of the Pet Care Services Association, Onion Creek Kennels exist to supply comprehensive pet care services to area pet owners while maintaining the best possible standards in quarters, team and services; and to supply leadership, guidance and career goal setting to those entering the pet care industry.

Do you know over 80% of kids have been bit before the age of 12? Doggone Safe's Be A Tree program teaches kids and adults too to read dog body language and learn to reply properly. This program will assist you keep it that way! Penny loves being a guest on AnimalTalkNaturally. Now, you can enjoy her shows anytime online. Tips and hints and the latest new about pets.

Highmark Kennel is a 1st class, family owned boarding facility located on four acres, bordering the pretty Texas hill country of SW Austin. Highmark offers spacious accommodations for all breeds, with plenty of exercise and fresh air. Highmark is a complete service facility with grooming, obedience training, pet products, specialty foods, novelties, and a knowledgeable team.

Your purchases today will benefit Special Rescue Fund. Dogstuff has the finest woobie range. Thanks for sending them so speedily. Your purchases today will benefit Special Rescue Fund. Thank you for supporting Rescue!

We supply Austin residents and their dogs with group dog training classes and private behavior consultations. Our methods are reinforcement based and focus on science not fads or myths. Our training enables you to get your dog under control without having to resort to fear or pain.

BHV voted Best Place to Board Your Dog! BHV is very excited to have one this award! Every dog under our care is treated like family and whether your going away for a day or two weeks we can accomodate your dog's boarding requirements and they will go home cheerful and exhausted!

Situated next to the Daugherty Arts Center on Barton Springs and Dawson Rd. We will meet at the end of the parking lot by the restrooms. There are dog-friendly restaurants and stores, incredible dog parks and hiking trails, and tons of swimming holes where Fido can doggie paddle away. But, these activities are only fun for you and everyone around you if you have a well-trained dog.

My guiding belief is simple: dogs who learn proper manners lead happier and healthier lives. A well-trained dog or puppy is more than a pet, it's a family member - one who can go more places, make more friends, and have more fun. That is why I use my years of education and experience to provide customized in-home dog training. Whatever your dog's age, breed, or personality, I can assist.

Fauna Pet Services supplies loving care for your family pets while you are away from home on vacation or for business. Fauna Pet Services supplies mid-day dog walks while you are at work or school. My mission is for you to come home to cheerful pets and a secure home as if you had never left.

Aid us by making a tax deductible donation to Gold Ribbon Rescue. Adoption: is it right for you? Check out the Happily Adopted and Patiently waiting dogs. Pay respects to our memorials. Train to be a GRR volunteer and aid our Golden souls get a 2nd chance at happiness and love. One of the finest rated dog & cat foods on the market. Join our membership and aid save Golden Retrievers.

All families and pets are unique so we customize our care to fit your requirements. We provide visits from 1 to 4 times per day. We aim to supply everything you need so you can enjoy and relax your trip. There may be minor charges added for more than 4 pets, distance travelled over 8 miles from my area, or extra time needed or requested. Basic Care: Food, water and potty.

Replaces the sliding glass only. Replaces an out dated sliding Patio Door with new Energy Saving French Door. Or let us replace One Side Door of your existing French Door. Profession Installation by firm crews. Thank you so much for your timely turn around in getting this in for us! We are very excited about our new dog door! I am so thrilled to find this product.

We are committed in wagging tails, cold noses and the sound of jingling dog tags. We think tennis balls supply more happiness off the court. If belly scratches, ear kisses, and chew toys were on political ballots, we would vote YES every time. We see off-leash playtime as nice and empty water bowls as bad. We're Austin Dogtown, a new breed of boarding, daycare, and grooming for your furry friends.

Dog Training, Problem Solving Do you wish that you were the Leader of the Pack? Are you frustrated with your dog jumping all over your guests? Desperate from your dog's aggressive behaviors? Guilty about your dog barking at your neighbors? Fed up with your dog confusing your living room with the lawn? Your dog can be your dream companion!

We're now providing a Weekly Lawn Maintenance Service. You can expect service to be offered in an expert and reliable manner. We will supply this service all year long. Contact us today to begin your service. We will Mow, Trim, Edge, and Remove the clippings from your sidewalk each week. Trim: a weed eater will cut around all portions of the house, deck, flower beds, fences, trees, etc.

Austin Equestrian Center is conveniently situated just E of IH 35 between Ben White Boulevard and Slaughter Lane, only 10 minutes from downtown Austin! From a relaxing trail ride through the Onion Creek greenbelt to training and showing at the best levels, our facility has it all. We provide boarding, training, lessons, leasing, and trail rides, as well as dog boarding.

We provide a fun, safe, and positive learning environment for day care, boarding, and training. We treat your dogs like our own. We are part of KEYE, Channel 42's We Are Austin series. Check out this new group providing from the specialists at Taurus, especially for veterinary team.

With a knowledgeable and friendly team, Doggy Day Out's mission is to supply a fun, comfortable, clean and safe environment for dogs and peace of mind for their owners. Dogs are by nature pack animals and they generally thrive with adequate amounts of pack stimuli. Through play and socialization at Doggy Day Out, your dog will receive the stimulus and activity that all animals need and deserve.

Welcome to Board At Home! Board at Home is the leading professional Pet Sitting Company located in Austin, Texas. Our dedication to our customers and their animals is our main priority. Our service area includes Austin metro area.

For Pet's Sake Professional Pet Sitting welcomes you as a new or founded customer! I look ahead to meeting with you and your pets. Enjoy your vacation or business trip with the peace of mind that your pets and your home will be well cared for while you are away. I offer my pet sitting services within the S, SW, and S central areas of Austin, Texas.

Kim Hall, the effervescing owner of Groovy Dog Bakery started her career in another dog eat dog world of broadcast animation. She has over twenty years of knowledge and five Emmy's from that lifetime. She brings the same professionalism, excellence & artistry to the bakery. Aisha, her Biscuit Queen 1st wagged into Kim's life 11 years ago an she still manages the store.

Please take note: Kim the Dog Trainer and firm will be away from the office from August 28 until September 10. Classes take place at Southpaws Playschool at 2324 B South Lamar. Our group classes are tiny, friendly and supportive; our mission is to see that every student gets the attention they need to be successful.

Since 1966, Northwest Veterinary Hospital inc. has provided complete pet care services to both pets and their owners from all areas of Central Texas. We believe that customer communication is an integral part of caring for animals, and we aim to always be available to help our customers with questions or concerns.

  • My dog had been limping around for a good week.I just assumed he sprained his foot and

Join us for an exciting day of festivities, food and fun at Paws In The Park on Saturday, September nineteenth. Doody Free supplies two kinds of exercise to fit the requirements of the dogs in your life. WALKING SERVICE We come to your house and take your dog out for an energetic walk because we know it can be hard to get your furry friends the exercise they need.

We'll work straight through your pet's grooming appointment and guarantee a turnaround time of 1 - 3 hours depending on the size of your pet. All dogs must be on a leash & cats in a carrier If you do not have one we can supply one.

Posey is our little Crackerdog. She is a 25lb Schipperke mix that we rescued from Town Lake Animal Shelter. Posey is going crackerdog when she gets a burst of energy and runs around really fast all over for no reason. She has always done this but we never had a name for it until we heard the term in Dog Stories by James Harriot. Our logo is a picture of Posey going Crackerdog.

I've been training and rehabilitating dogs deemed aggressive, unadoptable or vicious for the last 15 years. I began out as a veterinary technician twenty years ago and went into grooming misunderstood dogs. I owned a thriving dog grooming/dog training business in NY for thirteen years, where local groomers, trainers, and veterinarians would send dogs no one wanted to handle.

Margaret started dog training as a serious hobby in 1993, taking obedience and agility classes with her English Shepherd, Trudy d. May, 2007. While working with Gus on those issues, Margaret apprenticed with an expert trainer. You could say Gus is the founder of The Humaner Trainer.

Services provided include in-your-home pet sitting, daily or weekly walks for your dog, and pet taxi to and from the vet or elsewhere. In-home visits include exercise, play, love and attention, feeding, and any necessary medication no extra charge. We're cheerful to do light housesitting duties such as mail in, garbage/recycling out, simple plant care, and light rotation.

When we returned from our trip, Zoe's coat looked pretty. It was obvious that she had been well cared for. She was so spoiled that she didn't even get out of her chair to greet us when we got home! No more feeling guilty about not spending enough quality time with your pets when you're working overtime or going on countless business trips.

We currently have a range of dog obedience training programs in Austin, Leander, Cedar Park, Round Rock and other Central Texas areas. Unleashed Unlimited offers top-quality dog training in Austin, Texas and surrounding Central Texas areas. At Unleashed Unlimited we go way beyond the typical dog training!

The Invisible Fence Brand outdoor solution is tailored to fit most any home, whether you own part of an acre or more than 20, whether you have one dog or many. Each home solution is customized to suit the specific requirements of your dog or cat and family.