Pet Services & Stores in Hauppauge, NY

Comprehensive list of Hauppauge, New York based pet food supply stores and service providers - sitting, training, grooming & boarding.

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Big Apple Herpetological started in New York City in 1993 when Jurassic Park was the blockbuster summer movie and everyone seemed to be purchasing reptiles as a pet. We too found ourselves falling in love with these wonderful creatures. Caring for our reptiles, we wanted the very highest. However, we found it difficult to find quality provides and expert advice on how to care for the animals we so

Four Paws Products, began in 1970, provides a complete line of products for dogs, cats, reptiles and tiny animals. Our mission is to supply pet owners with quality products that aid them enjoy a long, cheerful life with their pet. Products in our line include Magic Coat Shampoo, Wee-Wee Pads, collars and leashes, grooming tools; dog cages and exercise pens; safety gates, tie out cables, oral hygiene

Pet Gift Shop A Pet lover's paradise since 1996 We are pleased to announce our new Pet Gift Shop. This site has been recreated with our clients in mind. We hope you enjoy the new features and find this site easy and enjoyable to use. We would appreciate any feedback about your shopping experience.

The Suffolk County SPCA supplies an unique number of programs and services unlike any SPCA in the country! Our MASH unit, conducts spay/neuter clinics, supplies educational programs, and supports senior citizens with the maintenance of their pets. In addition, the agency supplies spay/neuter services to tens of 1000's of feral animals, while assisting the residents of Suffolk County by delivering for

Try one of our Flint River Sample Packs. Special: 51% off for new clients only Free shipping on The Honest Kitchen, Flint River Ranch, Advantage, and Frontline Flea products. See shipping for other products.

We're looking forward to wonderful time with our canine customers outdoors; or to indoor play and bird watching sessions with our feline customers! In this hot time of the year it is significant to protect our animals from heat strokes, tick bites and sun burn. Our pet sitters are specially trained, and will give extra attention to the well-being of the pets in our care.

Welcome to The Well-Mannered Dog, home of the most popular dog and puppy training instructor on Long Island and now Southbury, Connecticut! Toni Kay-Wolff, owner of The Well-Mannered Dog., is dedicated to teaching others how to enjoy their dogs in a way that is safe, fun, and rewarding for all dogs and their families.

The Pet Den is a complete-line pet shop specializing in hand fed baby exotic birds, reptiles, tropical fish, tiny animals, cat and dog provides. At our pet store, we're known for our unique exotic animals. The Pet Den is USDA licensed, approved and fully insured. Established in 1976, the Pet Den has been delivering its clients with the best products for all their pet care requirements.