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Comprehensive list of Peoria, Arizona based pet food supply stores and service providers - sitting, training, grooming & boarding.

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The dogs have been swimming for a couple of months and possibly are in need of a bath and a nice clean up. Bring them in for a nice scrub in the self service tub or call for a grooming appointment! New Item: fresh frozen Beef Marrow Bones For more information, please see the Treats and Retail page. Dog training classes conducted by an expert trainer offered.

Our certified dog trainers train your dog in your home. More than just a pet, your dog is part of the family. But for some families, owning a dog is not always a pleasure. Obey your commands only when he sees a treat? Come when called only when he knows you have food? Growl, snap or bite to protect food or bones? Nip at family members for attention?

A nice dog is loyal, obedient and trustworthy and self confident and a nice friend forever. A nice dog is adaptive and forgiving and eager to learn, making it too easy for the well intentioned, yet misguided owner or trainer to fully destroy a nice dog's potential.

My name is Chris and I am an expert pet sitter. I began Ark Pet Sitting Service because of my love for my own animals. I have a dog named Zoey and a cat named Abby. They are a joy in my life and I truly understand the difference a pet can create in your life. I understand how it feels to leave your pets and worry how they will handle you being away.

Mission Statement for Happy Valley Animal Hospital To supply the highest possible healthcare for the pets in our community through: Client education, a state of the art facility, a friendly and knowledgeable team, and the newest preventative healthcare available.

Arrowhead Ranch Animal Hospital is a complete service facility, with thirty five years of combined veterinary experience. We provide state of the art medical, surgical including laser surgery and dental care for dogs, cats and exotic pets. We are able to supply alternative, non-drug therapies and chiropractic care. The animal health care we supply is one of the most unique and comprehensive available.

For the love of dogs and cats, Bow-WOW, our name says it all. Bow-WOW Daycare Boarding. is completely for the spoiled pet! We pride ourselves with being more than just a traditional boarding facility. We specialize in quality care, from kittens and puppies to the geriatric and we're unlike any other in the desert.

Top Reasons why you may need a doggie door. Is your pet going potty in the house? Does your doggie or kitty get left inside or outside for long durations of time? Is your doggie or kitty getting left outside in medium or extreme temperatures? Does your pet sit by the door and bark or meow to be let inside or outside? Is your dog or cat tearing up your carpeting or flooring?