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Comprehensive list of Salem, Oregon based pet food supply stores and service providers - sitting, training, grooming & boarding.

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Are you wanting to take a vacation? Need to go on a business trip? Are you wanting to take a vacation? Need to go on a business trip? Whatever your requirements, I provide a loving, professional service that gives your pets the very highest in care while you are away. I founded Wagging Tails Pet Sitting in June of 2005 and have been happily caring for customer's pets every since.

Thanks to your referrals and continued loyalty we'll able to keep delivering in home pet care in the following years. Due to the increase in business you will find that our schedule is filling up as mush as months in advance. Feel free to call us even for last minute trips just in case we currently have the space. Caren Altabef, owner of A.C.U.T.S. is an artist and creates pretty Paintings of pets.

Is your dog sitting at home waiting for you to walk through the door, so you will play with them? Does your dog have destructive behaviors such as digging, chewing or barking while you are gone? Your dog requirements play time with other dogs! Many dogs are bored during the day, which causes bad behaviors.

We specialize in delivering luxury cat boarding for your favorite feline in Salem, Oregon and surrounding areas. Catopia features spacious private suites to accommodate your entire cat family and a complete range of kitty-approved amenities including full-size litter boxes, comfy hand-made bedding and private perches.

If we honor them with what they need -- love, admiration, quality nutrition and a comfortable space, designed just for them, they will enjoy and relax themselves. Cats Only is a new concept in cat boarding, recognizing the requirements of both cats and their guardians.

The American Boarding Kennel Association accredits Pet Village for it's standard of excellence in the pet care industry. Many employees of Pet Village have been certified by the ABKA as Pet Care Technicians.

Professional-grade products made in the USA from premium materials. Ark Manufacturing is no longer producing pet & livestock products. For those items, you may contact Tepper Innovations. P.O. Box 7 Shady Cove, Oregon, 97539.

A premier boarding and daycare facility delivering a safe and healthy environment for your dog while you're away or at work. Adjoining our tiny dog kennel area is our indoor dog playroom.

My name is Catherine Ann Wright - thus Nanny Annie is what I sometimes go by. For years I had thought about opening a pet sitting business. Timing is everything in life; and when life is ready, things happen to usually steer us towards our destiny. Well, a very sad and specific incident finally pushed me to this path I had so longly dreamed. I owned a pretty 1/2 lab/austrailian shepherd puppy.

Willamette Pet Sitters is committed to bringing care, love and care to your pets when you cannot be there. We know how stressful it can be when you're worried about your furry companions. Whether it's walking your dog at mid-day when you are at work, or delivering long-term care for your pets when you are on vacation, our mission is to make both you and your animals cheerful.

Carol Bentley, owner of Pampered Paws Pet Products has always loved pets and knows how much people like to Pamper them and give them special treatment. Carol saw some collars at a craft fair but the person selling them did not have any huge sizes. Carol found a kit to make the collars with and people really liked them so she decided to open a business selling collars and leashes for cats and dogs.

Lincolnshire Kennels is not really a general purpose dog kennel, or a puppy mill. We just raise Shih Tzu's for companionship and show in our home. These babies are not ever crated or caged unless perhaps at the groomer or when we're transporting them. Essentially - we live in THEIR cage. Shih Tzu's here have attention 24 hours a day, and are not confined. They are treated with a good deal of love.