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My Irish Wolfhound, Mischief, just loves boarding at All Tails. He loves his playmates and the clean bedding he has. He especially loves when Renee, the owner, gives him kisses. She is such a pet person. It would be hard to picture her in any other line of business. The grooming is superb.

We are full-time RV travelers. Our small dog became ill with some sort of stomach virus and home remedies did not seem to help. After 5 days of little improvement, we took her to this clinic - an hour from where we are staying. Dr. Hanson and the staff were very warm and friendly. They

I have used this petsitter for the last 7 years. My cat loves the caretaker so much its like I'm not even gone. I never worry when I'm away, because I know that, no matter what, things are under control. Licenced and bonded, pet CPR, personable and kind. A natural way with animals, gentle

This man Jerry Lewis is actually my father. I have watched his brutal training for years. Picking dogs up by thier ears and swinging them around screaming. Hitting them with rakes and shovels until they scream over and over. He only shows his true self to family. He has shot and killed dogs

DO NOT send your precious pets here! Our poor dog got left in his crate because they "FORGOT about him" after a little foot injury. We gave them another chance for boarding over the weekend and it was a JOKE. He "ran out" of a week's worth of food (for 3 nights) and there was MINIMAL playing...

Stole money from our home. Left dogs penned without food. Neighbors intervened while we were out of the country. Do not trust Gabriel Kelly. Run a background check if you are unconvinced.

Take your money somewhere else. Lady's curl, she picked my puppy up by it's collar and leash and hung him up in air for what seemed to be forever. I was in complete shock as he hung there crying in a panic trying to get his feet back to the ground. After I yelled at her to let my dog down she

I paid in full 800+ dollars which was dumb only went 4 times. I would never send my dog back to this man. He was rude doesn't know how to speak with people. Yelled at me and my dog. Grabbed my arm to show me how the dog feels. Which he should never touch anyone! Wish I would have got my money

I went to pick my dog up from being groomed and got there a little early. They were wrestling with him and trying to keep his mouth closed while he cried. He is a friendly dog and does not require the hands on abuse that was occurring. If the staff were having any type of difficulty providing

I took classes with All Dogs and the trainer was wonderful! She helped me and my dog learn so much about each other.

I've been using V.I.People and Pets for about 3 years and Jeff is always there for me and my pets. I had tried 2 of the large pet sitting companies before Jeff and never had consistent, quality, personalized service with them for various reasons. I've always been extremely happy with Jeff's

I'm always very comfortable leaving my pets in her care . When I am away I know I do not have to worry about them at all.

Very good.

My parents recently fell in love with and applied for a kitten at this shelter. They are experienced cat owners and were over-qualified to adopt the kitten. However, 5 days after they applied they were told the kitten was adopted out to someone else simply because the second applicant wanted

Service was marginal at best. Sitter was late and neighbor noticed she did not always arrive when she said she would. I would not recommend Waggin Ones at this time. Service needs to improve before I would use them.They do not have vet technicians on staff either.

This service neglects dogs. She was paid to come to our house 3 times a day for 2 weeks. Once in the morning to let our 4 dogs out, once around noon to bring them in because of the oppressive heat, and once in the evening to take them for a walk, then leave them inside overnight. When we got

Great service and affordable prices.

Happy to give a 5 star review. After dealing with the various local retail pet washes I decided to give this little local place a try. I am pleased to say I am so satisfied! Nice self serve pet wash however, I mostly came in to get a groom job for my dog. My wife insisted I take the dog in

Woof City was excellent!! They took care of my dog with so much care. It has a clean and spacious atmosphere for each animal. This was our first experience leaving our dog at a boarder and it was wonderful!

My dog comes home tired every time we drop her off! It really is a "sleepy dog" kennel!

Yuppie Puppy Studios has cared for all of my dogs over the last 25 years. I would never take a chance taking them anywhere else! When I drive past Burk to vist relatives in Lawton, OK my dogs get happy and excited - wanting to go Yuppie Puppy again to be groomed!

I've been happy in the past, but....This was the last time. My pet wasn't given her medication, and now it has cost us approximately 300$ due to an ulcer in her eye. I know the medication wasn't given because the very small tube wasn't empty when we returned, it was the same size.

This class was awesome! My dog and I learned so much! The instructor is very knowledgeable and takes time for every dog individually.

I had my aggressive Bouvier DE Flanders dog trained at this facility, and the results where simply amazing! The trainer's name was Doug...and I'm very pleased with the results. Bob's staff is professional and friendly. I highly recommend International K9 college.

I would not recommend this dog walker. We recently found out that they use pinch collars with prongs on their client's dogs without the consent of their owner. The collar inflicts pain and was used on our 7month old St Bernard puppy without our knowledge or consent. Hooves Paws Tails & Claws

I take my dog to Sleepydog Kennel and she loves it there. Prue, my dog, comes home exhausted. She recovers, but boy is it nice to have her quiet and exercised. She usually sleeps on the way home in the car. The daily cost is reasonable.

Our dog feels right at home when he visits Ankeny Pet Salon to get haircuts and while we are away on vacation. The staff is well-trained, caring and professional. Their facility is well-kept and updated with the newest technology. They care about their clients- furry including their owners.

I was so pleased when Michelle took care of my dog Sam. She took him jogging when I injured my leg and he really enjoys that. I was also pleasantly surprised when I returned home from my trip and she taught him how to lie down. I’ve never been able to teach him that trick! Now when I tell him

My pet loved to go into the veterinarian at Haiku. Their kind and friendly and great with my pet. I appreciate their recommendations and follow ups. I recommend Haiku Veterinarian to any pet owner.

Michelle is PHENOMENAL with dogs. We have a (very stubborn) 8 year-old bully who is not a people-pleaser and adheres to her own agenda…unless she’s with Michelle. Michelle gets Toro to eat, walk, play and obey. I trust Michelle implicitly in our home and with my baby!

I went to Yuppy Puppy because a friend had been to her 2 times before recently and she did a great job. My friend has a standard poodle and I have a toy poodle so I thought she would do a good job. She told me she would give him a teddy bear cut and I said OK. She asked if I wanted his paws

I recently boarded my dog at All Tails and i am hooked! I will never board her elsewhere. The facility was very clean and well maintained. The dog runs are much larger and have a lower daily rate then other local kennels I have scoped out. The staff was all very friendly and very passionate

I took my Shepherd to this groomer last week. They did an absolutely wonderful job. I will definately use this groomer again. I am very cautious about where I take my dog since a very bad experience with a groomer (in Lincoln Park). I have researched a lot of groomers in the downriver area

We have used Gerri's services for several years and feel she is the most competent pet sitter we have ever used - our dogs love her and have never showed any distress after our leaving them close to two weeks. She is clean, kind and responds to every situation with kindness and care.

I have used Yuppie Puppy for many years and always been very Happy with their service. Real professionals with a clean facility, happy smiling faces, and a dog report card with each visit. Plus my dogs love going there!

I strongly approve of this animal hospital if you want to know whats wrong with your pet this is the place to come.

Her own Brother wont go to her because she cruel and unkind!!

Just so anyone who's looking for this business website it is They have been taking care of my pets for at least six years and i could not be happier with their service. They treat your pets like they are their own and actual do what they say they do and walk

Over the last three weeks, our cat hasn't been eating as well as she should. After charging us $350 for "tests", the vet concluded he doesn't know what is wrong with our cat and sent us home with the recommendation to try a different catfood. We are already feeding her Royal Canin so I doubt

Unfortunately, Aunty Lynda is all talk. An aquaintance paid for her services. She took a vacation out of state while she was suppose to be working with the cats. They did not know this until weeks later. Also took 'donations' while pretending to operate a non profit organization. The organization

Gary took care of our black lab for 4 years about 5 days per week. He became a good friend to us and more importantly, a loving friend for our dog. His knowledge and experience with caring for and training dogs is invaluable and he's glad to lend advise for every aspect of owning a dog. Having

I was so lucky I found Woof City. The atmosphere is great. The people are friendly and truly enjoy the pets they have. There are two large indoor play rooms and about an acre of fence outdoor play area. When I picked Tahoe up she was laying on the couch next to the receptionist. She was so

The owner has raised her rates twice recently. She changes her mind on her rates.

I've enrolled in 2 of Tara's classes with my rescue dog, Shadow. The atmosphere is relaxed, fun, without any pressure. All the people registered in the class come with the same intention - to have fun with their dogs and learn how to become a better pet owner with a better behaved pet. I'm

I purchased a chihuahua from them and the first night we brought the dog home it was vomiting and not eating well. I called the store to let them know i was concerned and they said the dog must just be car sick. The next day the dog collapsed so i brought him to the vet right away. They wanted

As a pet owner and lover, I would advise you to never use this company. The owner has absolutely NO people skills and does not seem to care one bit about the pet owner's concerns. He has a "know-it-all" attitude, and is quick to ignore any questions or issues you might have regarding your

My husband and I hires ABC's of Dog Trainning LLC to train our dog Molly (6 year old Aggressive Cane Corso). Thanks to the great service that was provided to us by Mike and Joe, we now have a great dog. We can walk her next to people and dogs without the fear of Molly attacking anyone.

For the past 2 years, my family has used At Home Pet Care services to manage our menagerie of 3 dogs and two cats. We had all the usual concerns about responsibility, reliability and trust issues of our pets' caregiver. Also, two of the pets have severe medical conditions so we were cautious.

Needs diversity training. Owner was screaming racial slurs into phone. She was not professional.

“Before we found Bone Sweet Bone, we were feeling very confined to staying at home with our two large dogs. We had tried other house-sitters with fairly mixed results, so we had resorted to kennels when we couldn’t avoid travel. However, Duke in particular was very fearful and dangerously