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I'm always very comfortable leaving my pets in her care . When I am away I know I do not have to worry about them at all.

Happy to give a 5 star review. After dealing with the various local retail pet washes I decided to give this little local place a try. I am pleased to say I am so satisfied! Nice self serve pet wash however, I mostly came in to get a groom job for my dog. My wife insisted I take the dog in

We have used Gerri's services for several years and feel she is the most competent pet sitter we have ever used - our dogs love her and have never showed any distress after our leaving them close to two weeks. She is clean, kind and responds to every situation with kindness and care.

I've enrolled in 2 of Tara's classes with my rescue dog, Shadow. The atmosphere is relaxed, fun, without any pressure. All the people registered in the class come with the same intention - to have fun with their dogs and learn how to become a better pet owner with a better behaved pet. I'm

This mobile pet groomer is by the far the BEST in Orange County! She comes monthly to groom my two Brussels Griffon dogs and truly does an AMAZING Job. Great Prices, Amazing Service and my dogs love her! She always comes on time, does a great job and has great rates! What more can you ask?

My husband and I went here because we were interested in adopting an adult cat, but already had a cat at home, so a good match was very important to us! The.

I really love Shear Delite. I took my two Bichons after I had just adopted them. I will be very honest, I was a little overwhelmed with the job of trying to.

I just started taking my pup here a month ago for day care & so far so great! You can tell the staff really enjoys the dogs which is a comforting feeling if.

I thank all those who took the time to review Kosita. I found her through Yelp and can only agree with everyone. I took my foster dog to her. At 2, he.

I love this place. It's fully staffed. Meaning, if you need help or have a question there is always someone there to help, unlike some other place where.

Do you love your pets? Do you want to feel secure that your dog is being taken care of when he/she is being walked? Without a doubt, this is the BEST dog.

I have cats, therefore I need to buy lots of cat food. This PetSmart is just across the street from my Target so it is a good spot to get the cat food.

Mr. T loves this place!He's here once or twice a week, and he only has great things to say about his stays.He used to be shy about goin' in, but now he.

My dog Cosmo, a Dalmatian, is 11 1/2 years old.I think that equates to about 80 in human years. In the last few months, I have become tired of picking.

This place is great. My dog booger is one spoiled pup and this is the only place I would dare take him. Very clean and huge. I would say the prices are just.

How to describe this wonderful place? So many different ways exist - but I'll try to do my best here.Pawlished Paws (formerly Neiman Barkus) is located.

Our dog loves this place! We've taken our German Shepherd to 3 different groomers and none of them comes close to the Canine Culture. I don't know what.

The new petsmart has opened on sisk road. This is a big store and for now is very clean. It has wide isles and the staff there is very friendly and helpful.

What a wonderful find! Angel Paws is a new business - only open a month or so as of this writing (4/15/08). But it's already came highly recommended by.

We had a decent vet for my two previous cats, but since they both had to be put down there, I wanted to seperate myself from those sad experiences and start.

More Updates: 2.10.08The new vet here is a gem. He PM'd me today to say that he was sorry to lose me as a client (I felt like an ass,) and that he had.

I have been boarding my past and present dogs at this facility for 20 years. I travel on business pretty much every month. 3 years ago I moved to Northern.

If all kennels were kept like Adler Stein keeps theirs - I'd leave my dogs there for kicks.Having German Shepherds - I have to be really picky about where.

Doctor Park is the best, no question. This place is always packed and that's why. Prices for service are reasonable. Waiting room is small and cramped. That.

Just had my first experience with the mobile groomer it was awesome they were right on time did a fantastic job on my yorkie, were finished in 35 min, the.

I was Safariaying through a remote piece of land with my ornithologist girlfriend when she grabbed my arm and screamed at the sight of the mystical bird (we.

I've been using this relatively new business for about a week now and I am impressed with the results. I always felt guilty about leaving my two dogs alone.

Today I had to take a little feral kitten away from its mama & bring it in here. Sorry bout' that mama cat, but your baby had obviously suffered a severe.

Ironically, I've never used Pasadena Pet GROOMING to get my dog groomed. But after the last supposed breed specific cut he got, I'll definitely bring him.

The scariest time for any pet lover is when one of their family members is sick. Having said that - when we are looking for a vet we just want someone to.

Great vet clinic!So I had literally JUST bought my puppy about 30 minutes before bringing him here for his vet check, rabies shot, and fecal exam (sorry.

Stables and close to oneil park and irvine lake

This is my favorite pet store. With all the scares of human and pet food from China being poisoned, it's nice to know that there is an alternative pet store.

I'm cheap and my dog isn't exactly the type to need a professional grooming, so it's usually DIY all the way. DIY home grooming involves hosing down an.

This place is great. The location is a really random commerical area, but they have STRICT NO KILL policy which is great. I couldn't find a beagle here that.

I LOVE Pet Food Express! This is a combined review for the location on Steven's Creek and the one on Bascom.They have a good selection of dog, cat, and.

I love Barkley Square and my dog Zoe loves Barkley Square! I take Zoe there for day care and when we're out of town, we use their overnight services. They.

Thank you town cats! We adopted our first cat ever in March 2008, and they were extremely helpful in the adoption process. They even helped us shop for all.

I took my little Pomeranian to get groomed and I was really pleased with the work they did and the prices were very reasonable. The older lady there is.

This morning I looked at my mini Schnauzer and realized things were getting a tad bit out of control- her leg hair was very long, scraggly and matted, her.

Our greyhound is a little twitchy about being boarded when we're out of town, but is relaxed and happy at this kennel! Robert (the owner) takes great care.

I am writing to rave about the amazing service and attention the Metro Dog team has once again given Abby.While on one of her weekly romps with Jessey,.

We love Woofgangs! Our dogs Boston and Dodger love it and come home pooped each time they go. We recently sent them over New Years. When we picked them up.

Yes, Holistic Hound IS as good as it gets! What an amazing resource for pet owners.I am so grateful to have them here in Berkeley. Heidi is 100% committed.

Joel at Super Pups deserves to be given a 6+ star rating. He did an excellent job grooming my Shih Tzu. I hadn't been to a groomer for the last 3 months.

Luv this place! reminds me of Trixie + Peanut in NYC.i've been to many high-end pet boutiques & i've been happy with every purchase from Muttropolis.

I just got back from here after taking my dog in for a wash.I really liked how the baths are elevated so you dont have to stoop down. The shampoo that.

I had the best experience with Elite Dogs. We were headed to Tahoe Thanksgiving Day and Rebecca met us on her day off to drop the dogs off on our way out of.

After being annoyed by PETCO's misclassification of my dog (see Davis PETCO review), I was on the search for a new place for Tofu to get groomed. Ran.

After I adopted my Westie, Milo, from the Placer SPCA, I decided that I was going to take him to a groomer. I would've rather done it myself, but I have no.