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Great service and affordable prices.

I had my aggressive Bouvier DE Flanders dog trained at this facility, and the results where simply amazing! The trainer's name was Doug...and I'm very pleased with the results. Bob's staff is professional and friendly. I highly recommend International K9 college.

Unfortunately, Aunty Lynda is all talk. An aquaintance paid for her services. She took a vacation out of state while she was suppose to be working with the cats. They did not know this until weeks later. Also took 'donations' while pretending to operate a non profit organization. The organization

If you have not met Judy, the owner of The Pet Spoiler, you do not know what a plesent, friendly and pet loving person she is. My pets, both the dog and cat think she is the greatest. I wouldn't use anyone else.

My dog likes to crap in the woods. That being said, there are plenty of places at Julington Creek for him to do his business. I must admit, though, that.

When your dog is so bad you don't want to take him in public because he barks at everything that moves past him (thus making you THAT person with THAT dog),.

These guys are great! We have three birds and a dog - we have Tailored Pet Sitting for daily dog walks and they watch all of our pets when we go away on.

Our goal is to provide you with excellent customer service and to provide your pet with the utmost grooming experience. I only cater to a limited number of.

Keith & Audrey Holliman own & operate this business and they are both fantastic. I have taken my cocker here for years and Keith always does a great job.

My Shih Tzu Izabella loved Angela.She gave her a nice haircut and left it long.The little customized bows with real sterling silver stars on them were.

Great service. They were more than willing to listen to what I wanted done with my poodle Lil. They did a perfect job. I also overheard them talking to the.

We left the wonder hound here for four days while we galliavanted around the countryside at places that don't or won't accept wonder hounds. Lucky for.

If you love your pet and want them to be cared for by loving, attentive staff, then Pets Are People too is your kind of place. I have been a customer for.

Our little Rubydog goes here. When Eveydog was still with us she went here (the only time I can remember her getting groomed in Gainesville) and loved it.

My stylist Gustavo Briand recommended Scotty and Yuka shortly after we moved to Miami Beach. We'd been paying a lot more for inconsistent grooming(my wife.

Not the friendliest customer service, but they are helpful if you ask. However, they have the best selection of holistic, natural and hard-to-find dog & cat.

This is the only PetSmart I've visited, so I don't know how it compares to other locations, but this one is huge. Sadly, cats are given short shrift here -.

My Mom's been taking her dogs here for 10+ years. I also have brought my dog in several times, and they do a nice job, but be specific (as always) about.

Dr Joel Murphy and his crew are fantastic. I have never seen a Vet so involved with his customers and their pets. We have been taking our 7 count 'em 7.

I have taken my pups here since day one. The service is satisfactory and they sell a plethora of natural pet products which I like. The price is very.

Dr. McMindes is everything you would ever want in a veterinarian: smart, concerned, compassionate, thorough. She and her well-trained and friendly staff.

I have to admit that the main reason I started going to Aloma Jancy was their prices. I had just bought my second dog, and you all know that when you first.

When you walk in Mayfair Animal Hospital, the smell of urine hits you in the face, and the building itself needs some remodeling; however, Dr. Peggy knows.

I take my two Bichon Frise to Tana's and have for years. My dogs are a difficult bred to groom correctly and Chris at Tana's does them perfectly. I know.

Located in a small shopping plaza across from the Super Wal-Mart on Tampa Road. They have nice groomers and they do a good job. I was very pleased with.

I adore all of my kitties as if they were my children so I have to go somewhere great! LEAH has a very professional staff, including three of the most.

An excellent boarding kennel for your pets.This kennel is a little out of the way, but is very close to the airport. It is open and allows plenty of time.

I completely heart ted sanchez and the silver bluff animal clinic staff. our babies come here and it's like no other vets office i've seen. the building.

This place is great for dogs, my dog swears by them. Highly recommend this place.

I took my cat here for at least 3 years. They have state of the art equipment and are quite knowledgeable and helpful. However, I feel that Dr. Tenzer is.

Auntie Ruth is the perfect name for her pet sitting service.Ruth Ann cares for your pet as if they were her own family.As an honest reliable person,.

Calling all pampered pooches! This is the store for you and your owner. A cute name and a lovely assortment of luxurious doggie related goods such as.

Although I am always excited for upcoming trips there's also always a nagging weariness in the back of my head preceding leaving town. And that has been the.

I attempted to use yelp to find a recommendation for an excellent vet to take my two pound puppies to. Yelp recommended Fairbanks - as did the rest of the.

This place is GREAT! Separate fenced play areas for large and small dogs. Each has a gazebo, several benches, water with a fountain low enough for dogs,.

This is one of the best groomers I have ever taken my poodle to. They listened to what I wanted. The one time they didn't feel they could do what I wanted,.

I was very satisfied with the veterinary services I received from haile animal clinic. My vet was Dr. McCullough as well, and she was very nice, and very.

I've had a really hard time finding a dog groomer for my Yorkies. In the past, I've dealt with groomers who may have medicated my dog without my consent,.

We absolutely love this place. Dr. Tanner is by far the best vet we've seen. Our Boston terrier loves him and all the staff. He is so patient and caring.

My Isabelle was in desperate need of a make over, her shaggy fur was out of control. I hadn't yet been to a groomer in Orlando and heard from a friend that.

Dr. Lund is a very good veterinarian.More importantly, this veterinary practice is world-renowned for their expertise in the implanting of Neuticles. For.

As far as a pet store they are pretty good, with some pretty good products, services, and prices. As far as their grooming salon, I have had a bad.

I called them to find out about the flea solution. They would give my dog and cats the pill to kill off the regular fleas, but it wouldn't do any good to.

Like many pet owners my dog is like my child and I am very protective about anything that has to do with my 110 pound, 11 month old puppy, especially when.

I've only had great experiences with Dr. Marc. I brought in my feral and parasite- and flea- infested kitten when I first found her in north Florida.

My choice of vet if you are in the NW side of town. They office staff are extremely friendly and they take good care of your pets. The only thing that it.

I love little whiskers. star is the best thing ever, she's by far the best pet sitter/walker i've ever had and my dogs absolutely love her. they're.

The best care money can buy, friendly staff and thorough vets.who could ask for more in an Animal Hospital? My pup and I have had nothing but good.

Weekends are great to go adopt a new pet. Save money and get a great pet that has all of it's shots.

I like all the Petsmart stores. This one is a little older than some but it is also bigger than most. It is definitely bigger than the Petco up the street.