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This man Jerry Lewis is actually my father. I have watched his brutal training for years. Picking dogs up by thier ears and swinging them around screaming. Hitting them with rakes and shovels until they scream over and over. He only shows his true self to family. He has shot and killed dogs

I think it speaks really well when you have dogs that are actually excited to go to the vet. They especially love Dr. Kraus and give him plenty of kisses,.

The Brookside Barkery began as that little doggy/kitty bake shop down on the Plaza, remember fellow Kansascitians? We all laughed at gourmet cookies in the.

Nice, nice folks here. You provide dog-they provide bathtub, soap, dryer, etc. I like it as it saves my bathroom from the hairy dog smell/mess, but my.

A fantastic place! I've taken my dog there a few times when I go on vacation and he seems to love it. At their 'pet hotel', animals have their own rooms.

The Vets and staff at this animal hospital are amazing. Dr Meyer nursed my new kitten back from near death after a head injury. He went in nights and.

I'm going to share my experience with PetSmart because I've had a unique one. First, I came here to get a few goldfish to make my apartment less lonely. I.

I have a friend who is really into costumes for small dogs - she has a Chihuahua and Japanese chin (every time I visit her, both are dressed vests or skirts.

My cat and dog have been getting vaccinated and boarded at Nall Hills for two years. I have always had the best service from the vets and the staff. They.

I have used Mission Pet Mart both for boarding and as a customer buying things for my 2 year-old shepherd mix, Charlie. I have found the store to always be.

Very, very nice people. They did a wonderful job grooming my Golden Retriever, who was long overdue for a grooming. He came home pretty and smiling!

The PetSmart PetHotel has been a god-send during our move to Kansas. Our rambunctious 1 year old puppy enjoys the daycare playtimes and sleeps in his own.

I never see my dogs more excited than when I take them to Puppy's Playpen. This is their opportunity to socialize with other dogs throughout the day (and be.