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I purchased a chihuahua from them and the first night we brought the dog home it was vomiting and not eating well. I called the store to let them know i was concerned and they said the dog must just be car sick. The next day the dog collapsed so i brought him to the vet right away. They wanted

I no longer live in the area but this daycare was excellent with our dog in the time he was with them. Helped us realize that our dog's behaviors were anxiety related and not just loads of unspent energy like we thought it was.

Bill and Susan are great! We had a hard time finding pet sitters for our rabbit (now two). They have been so great to us and our pets. I can see that.

They've been there a long time and have a great staff. If you need veterinary care or want to adopt please go here. They also need your financial support.

Animal Spirit is only a hop, skip, and a jump from my house, so I'm in there often. Susan and Melissa, the owners, are lovely people who go out of their.

Can't believe I haven't yelped this place yet!I've been coming here for years and years. A great spot to learn more about higher-quality pet food (read:.

Lulu and I have only been here twice, for the weekly Friday evening puppy play group, but we are two happy girls so far! The staff is so friendly, helpful,.

I'm sad to read that Kyla had such a negative experience with Skipton Kennel. I brought my dachshund here to stay for three nights because I had to make a.

We have been going with Sandy of K9 Company for 2 years now, and we LOVE her! Sandy does playgroups daily which our dogs cannot wait to participate in!.

I've been with this vet for 3 years. I just needed to find a vet for my dog and since I wanted a good one my ex-boyfriend recommended Andover Animal. They.

As a long time customer of Boston Canine, I feel compelled to rebut the comments posted prior to mine from June G. of Topsfield.I have written a review.

TM's Kennel is a fantasy land for dogs. I'm convinced it's the best place you could bring your pup for boarding, obedience classes, grooming, and regular.

Okay, I have to post an update as I just had photos done with Bette as a word, AWESOME! I didn't know what to expect but it was a lot of fun,.

My dog LOVES his visits to Preppy Pets for doggy daycare. He plays with dogs with similiar personnalities and is exhausted when I pick him up. He is not.

The staff here are friendly and really care about the animals, and they do a great job for a reasonable price. They don't accept credit cards, which is kind.

My cat Althea is the thing in my life (well, besides my boyfriend) that I spoil the most. Having said that, we are huge fans of the Countryside Veterinary.

I love Pampered Paws, and of course, my dog does, too. Like many dog owners, I cherish my pet and I can feel confident that he is in the best hands at this.

After another pet sitter flaked out on me at the last minute, I called Kat (her real name) in desperation and left a message. She returned my call within.

I had a great experience with The Cat's Clubhouse. I needed a place for my two cats on short notice and Alice was very accommodating. Both my cats have.

I was referred to this place after horrible experiences at the South Bay Vet (see review) and although it's a hike to go all the way out here from Boston, I.

Closer, friendlier, and less expensive than PetSmart and several other local groomers. I also feel better knowing that the grooming and boarding are part.

3 stars for being just a middle-of-the-road Petco. The staff is usually friendly and there are a couple of particularly nice employees working there, but.

My husband's family has been bringing their dogs to Great Scott for over 40 years! Billy is wonderful and with Lloyds Vet Clinic next door, it is nice to.

My energetic dog goes here twice a week and she's completely wiped when she comes home. Thank. God.The staff is great, the space is huge, and my dog is.

This kennel was recommended by our dog trainer, and she was right. It's excellent. The people are wonderful and our dog looked very upbeat and content.

I have been taking my dogs and cats to Dr. Salter for about 30 years. Animed and its staff are great. I would not take my pets anywhere else. They have all.

It's hard to find a good cat groomer but these guys do a great job. Their manner is a bit abrupt but don't let that keep you from bringing your pets here.

These people are amazing. Great staff, in a caring clean environment.It's excellent.

This place is great. Many vets work here and they are reasonably priced. They are prompt and have incredible hours. Open on Saturdays, Sundays and during.

I love this place. They are so wonderful to my dogs, and they always call me back.

This is the best kennel that I have EVER boarded my pets with. It is like leaving your pets with family members who like your animals better than you. Bob.

I love this place, most especially the staff and especially Jennifer.She always, always remembers me and my dog.The whole staff was really helpful in.

Woof Woof! My puppy just had his first-ever haircut, and Brian did EXACTLY as I requested, and also gave me some great tips for brushing and getting.

My puppy also loves the girls working in here, she runs in here every chance we get even though she doesn't like being groomed. We live right around the.

My dog has been going to Land of Pawz for daycare for over 1 1/2 years. I can't say enough about how great it's been for both of us. The staff is great,.

This was a great experience for buying our new dog Snooker (yes we kept the name). He is a good natured pup with plenty of energy but not too nippy for the.

This is one of two nice independent pet stores on Great Road on the stretch between Acton and Littleton. They carry good depth and breadth of pet supplies.

Melanie was the best, helping me out at the last minute. She responded to my initial phone call right away, and asked all the right questions to make sure.

My poopy-dog's vacation spot - well, it was.I liked this place a lot because I felt the staff genuinely care about my incredibly annoying dog, and they.

We used to take our very elderly cat Skeezix there, when she was still with us.She had kidney problems, liver problems and thyroid problems, and a heart.

My wife and I have been taking our cockapoo, Maggie, to daycare at The Dog Scoop since she was just 12 weeks old, and we (including Maggie) couldn't be more.

Great experience! The staff are super knowledgabe & helpful and great with my dogs nails. Its a great family run store and they carry some of my dogs.

After moving to Boston 2 years ago, and schlepping around for a new vet for my little furball, I decided to go to the Boston Cat Hospital based on reviews.

GDRNE is where I adopted Peanut from, therefore eternally making me the happiest gal in the world. Great dog is a shelter less dog, nonprofit all breed.

If your going out of town and don't know what to do with your pup - then call Home Buddies!I'd taken oscar to The Pooch Palace before and was seriously.

Top notch vets, convenient location, big parking lot, and a great boarding facility. Love this place. Every time my dog stays there, he comes home happy and.

I agree with Penny N. clean and friendly. I love washing Nina myself and with Dirty Dawg Wash it's a breeze. Wash stalls big engough for the large breeds.

I just too my bichon poo, Leena, there today for the first time. Michelle was so nice and did a great job! She even put a little kerchief of Leena. Sweet.

Ever get the feeling your mother loves the family dog more than you.?Dawg City is our family's go-to place to feed Princess Holly (no joke, her dog.

Kelly is the best! I have two dogs. The older one (Dante) hates to go to the groomer, but he LOVES Kelly's. He comes home tired from playing with all of the.