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I strongly approve of this animal hospital if you want to know whats wrong with your pet this is the place to come.

My husband and I hires ABC's of Dog Trainning LLC to train our dog Molly (6 year old Aggressive Cane Corso). Thanks to the great service that was provided to us by Mike and Joe, we now have a great dog. We can walk her next to people and dogs without the fear of Molly attacking anyone.

Our 13-year-old Portuguese Water Dog, Dewey, has been going to Bed and Biscuit for over five years for extended stays of up to 2 weeks. He has never had a bad experience, and Shelley is one of the most caring doggy people I have ever met. We never worry when Dewey is in her care. In fact, after

While searching for a daycare/boarding facility for my two (very spoiled) puppies, I must have gone to every place in the city. Ritzy canine was by far the.

This is an awesome service that they have provided me with. I was able to micro-chip my puppy not more than two weeks ago. The chip was $35 and 24 Pet Watch.

If you actually NEED to go to Petco for a specialist animal item, make a list and stick to it. If you just go to browse, do not take your credit card or.

I'm reviewing the Grooming Salon section of Petco-I know Petco Grooming in general sometimes has bad reviews but the stylist I had.Allison, I think, she.

I just wanted to take a moment and write something about BAFN while I was thinking of it. It is a great organization, and its founder, Laurie Bleier works.

Wonderful, wonderful vet. After adopting my cat and being referred to this horrible vet in the city, I was so grateful to find Astoria Vet Group! Decent.

After taking my dog to another vet for years of her having the same problem, I decided to stay local and give this vet a try. I have been very pleased with.

I love this place if only to browse.They have something for every pet owner out there- birds, dogs, fish or whatever.I actually love the fish department.

I owe my cat's life to these people. When she was a kitten, she was found on a sidewalk, barely breathing, and emaciated. Northshore Animal Hospital on.

I took in my mother's English Springer Spaniel to be groomed. She usually goes to a smaller private business but we had a coupon here. The groomer did a.

I took my dog there for grooming, and all though she came back all clean and looking great, she hated me for a week. The next time I took her to get her.

Great little shop. Its no Petsmart, but thats what makes it great. You pay a little more, but i think the service is great. They don't have salt water.

They wash my dog. They seem to be very psyched to see her, and my dog feels likewise. They are inexpensive and friendly.

Recommended for: funeral services for your pet/best-friend.Service 5, Selection 5, Peacefulness 5.The day KC passed away was very difficult for me, our.

There is really no way that I can get to Dr. Nesse without Nancy from CSM Stray. But when I do get a car, I will continue going to Great Neck. Just like.

I've been visiting Lollypop since I was a child (I'm in my 30s!). This remains one of my favorite places in Rochester, and is very close to my heart.

Nicer since they moved to the new location on rt 57.My dog has gotten good care there for the past 10 years. Marsha and Diane just couldn't be nicer to us.

Very good service always fits you in if necessary. happily caters to cats as well as dogs (most places only have one cat room and 3 dog rooms!) a bit.

I am in debt to Nicole and Loni. Their dependable and loving care of my cat, Gudy, gives me peace of mind when I travel. She is well fed and loves the.

I like this place much better than the giant Petco's that are around. The place has decent pricing for pet food and all the items necessary to keep your.

Very clean place! professionals with lot of knowledges.cute puppies and well cared! i bought a teacup maltese puppy from them for reasonable price.

Even dogs have their days (of grooming) and my Westie is no exception.This is a friendly, dog-loving, clean place to get your dog groomed. Everyone knows.

My pup's had three grooms here and he always comes back looking adorable. My only complaint with the groom (besides the price, which seems standard in NY),.

5 Stars for Enrique, the best dog walker in Brooklyn and part of the Woofs n Whiskers team. My dog LOVES him and eagerly awaits his daily lunchtime.

A good place to hang out and talk dogs. Great prices on pet food and dog accessories,beds,jewelry,collars,treats and we we pads. Yorkie, Maltese,Shih Tzu.

We have buried both our dogs here - one in 1993 and one in 2007. Both were given a small memorial service before being buried in the cemetery. What is.

I gravitate towards problem dogs. Finding a veternarian that works well with them has been difficult. I have moved around a lot and was dreading looking.

My dog is a pitbull/lab mix. And she's a crackhead. Send her into a group of dogs, and all of a sudden the laid-back dynamic no longer exists, and they're.

I never boarded my dog at Paws but I use their grooming services exclusively. I have a Shih Tzu/ Maltese mix whose hair tends to get matted very easily. One.

Great vets, top notch animal care for all sorts of pets, and onsite emergency facilities. this is where the pet lover brings his/best friend in rochester!

These guys are the best. They are very helpful, very warm and they have great advice. I pull up and park next to the hydrant and they have my order of dust.

We moved to Queens from PS, and we insisted that we drive back to PS to see Dr. Mateyak and Dr. Frydenborg for our 2 cats, who have taken great care of our.

They're so friendly in this shop and they have a great selection. But the reason they get five stars from me is for going over the top in helping me find a.

I'm one of those strange birds who treats their dog like a child.a big, slobbery, stinky, bulldog child. Up until I found Eva's Play Pups, I was trying.

My five year old Yorkie who I LOVE very MUCH is also my problem child when it comes to getting groomed! I have tried just about everywhere and everything.

Our dogs Cosmo and Donatella love this place. Extremely friendly and accommodating staff, great treatment for the pups and they come in when we're away and.

The staff are nice, and they are sympathetic of your concerns. They will remember you and your pet(s) after the first visit. There are some very nice.

I am very sad to see what they are doing to the park. It's being sanitized, along with so many other things in this city.The dog run has shrunk by about.

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with this place. I took my dog for grooming- his hair was extremely tangled and he was in desperate need of some good.

I was visiting New York City last month and went to this store. It is fantastic.I bought a few Doggy Style NYC brand harnesses for my Pug. They are.

A friend recommended this place to me when she and her husband walked by and since then I've been a loyal customer (since 2004). The place is run by a Super.