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As a pet owner and lover, I would advise you to never use this company. The owner has absolutely NO people skills and does not seem to care one bit about the pet owner's concerns. He has a "know-it-all" attitude, and is quick to ignore any questions or issues you might have regarding your

“Before we found Bone Sweet Bone, we were feeling very confined to staying at home with our two large dogs. We had tried other house-sitters with fairly mixed results, so we had resorted to kennels when we couldn’t avoid travel. However, Duke in particular was very fearful and dangerously

I drove by this place almost every day to work and always wanted to check it out. Then, I got a call from my apartments saying that there have been numerous.

When my pet chinchilla past away fairly recently, these guys were great. We showed up in the middle of the night, with this poor sick animal, and we hardly.

Gotta tell ya.I wouldn't take my animals (Scout the Wonder Dog, and Stinky, World's Coolest Cat) anywhere else. Even when I was in Charlotte on vacation.

In January 2005, I went to the Orange County Animal Shelter and picked out the first pet I've ever owned (unless you count those carnival goldfish that.

We looked into this establishment for training for our 1-yr-old dog who was having some issues with obedience, dominance, and excessive barking. They.

We rushed into this Petsmart to grab a few things for the cat before we reached our final destination - our new apartment in Charlotte. Its clean, well.

I hate pet boarders; but if I have to like one, then I feel okay about this one. I kept Rex here a few Christmas-es ago when I failed to secure a friend,.

This is a big store. Then again, it seems like every store these days - at least in Charlotte - is a big box, so maybe that's not a surprise. I recently.

Very professional, goog pricing, caring staff, and every experienced head vet. Dr. Settle is a truely gifted vet. All of my animals go to her. Most.

Its Petsmart. What can be said about a chain store? Its clean. It doesn't smell. They usually have all of the things they are supposed to have.

My dog Coco loves Camp Wagging Tails! If I were a dog, I'd definitely want to stay & play there. I refuse to board her in a 'kennel' and Camp Wagging.

So we moved to town with our colossally spoiled dogs, who, until now, have spent their days in relative isolation within the iron clad walls of our former.

Love Overboard is the BEST! The staff is wonderful and give so much love and adoration to your dogs. You get so much for your money at LOK. I wouldn't.

I found the Morrisville Cat Hospital about a year ago by the great reviews that they had on City-search and I have to say they lived up to every one of.

I was directed to this business by another Yelper - Emily H.My baby just got back from her spa day (shampoo, cut, blow dry and nails).I love how she.

We bring our dog here all the time. It's family owned and operated, they do a great job!

Convenient but pricey. Clean facilities.

I enjoyed working with the Monroe Road Animal Hospital folks. I've started seeing another veterinarian because the prices at Monroe Road are a little high,.

Dr. Snyder and the staff at Hemlock Bluffs are amazing. This is the best experience I have ever had with a vet, and believe me, we have seen our share of.

This Veterinary Practice is a cats only hospital. All 3 of my cats are patients there and if you are a multi-cat family, Cozy Cats does not charge.

I LOVE this groomer. I don't think they do the best of jobs. I have seen better puppy cuts. But the price is fantastic, the people are friendly and they are.

My girlfriend really got a kick out of the Dog Salon, mostly because it lets the customer get a hands-on experience with the art of grooming an animal. It's.

Tonya & Colleen are great. We take our dogs here on a regular basis (its kind of difficult trying to wash a dog in an apartment!) and they love it! They.

I love Park Veterinary. They are on the expensive side, but they are full service and everyone there is very nice and incredibly helpful, and they even are.

Dr. Sandra Graham rocks. She takes great care of our 2 cats and always has great advice on how to take care of them. We got 'taken to the cleaners' by The.

We typically go to Matthews Animal Clinic - we just started doing so and always kept at it. But there was one time that we needed to have something taken.

We take our pets here and i'm extremely happy with the service- Dr. K is absolutely amazing with our animals. Our last dog had heartworms when we got him.

I've been taking my dog Tucker to Quail Corners since he was a puppy. In addition to being a regular vet they are also a 24 hour emergency animal hospital.

Doggie day care! Though Rex hasn't stayed here, I've picked up and dropped off his girlfriend (mutt Lucy) for my best friend on a few occasions. I'm.

We've never used a pet-sitting business before, but we were going away for several days and felt uncomfortable asking a friend to visit our house twice.

Let's face it - with four dogs, you don't always cut their hair yourself. Heck, with one dog you don't always cut their hair yourself. Truth be known, we.

Bodie, our lab, needs some training and maybe even some boarding in the near future, so I checked out Metro Paws today to see if it would the trick. This.

This is a very expensive hospital even though its small and very well organized place. It does not matter if your dog/cat etc. has a small flu or has a.

I know that when you look at this place from the outside it looks kind of ghetto, but it really has a lot to offer. As the name indicates they specialize.

I actually don't know their zip - it's not listed anywhere that I have it - so I used mine, since it's required When we just had a couple of outside.

Preferred Pet is now located on South Blvd. I haven't been to the new location, but the old one was in a cute little house off of East Blvd. Based on my.

This is a great branch. I head out here often because they carry this special brand of milk that doesn't upset cats' stomachs, and my kitty really loves it.

People in the Charlotte area who have pets, you have to give this service a call. We have a large maine coon cat, and we just moved to the Charlotte area.

I like this Petco because - first and foremost - its clean and organized. So many pet stores are a mess and have a thin layer of yuck on.

A friend recommended Commonwealth Animal Hospital to me after we'd discussed how outrageous veterinary services can be in Charlotte, and I was pleasantly.

We have a black lab, who is an average shedder and doesn't generally need to get groomed. However, when we first adopted him from the Humane Society here.

I started doing the doggy daycare thing when i lived in New Jersey, and I was spoiled and ruined forever. There is nothing like dropping the dog off in the.