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My Irish Wolfhound, Mischief, just loves boarding at All Tails. He loves his playmates and the clean bedding he has. He especially loves when Renee, the owner, gives him kisses. She is such a pet person. It would be hard to picture her in any other line of business. The grooming is superb.

My parents recently fell in love with and applied for a kitten at this shelter. They are experienced cat owners and were over-qualified to adopt the kitten. However, 5 days after they applied they were told the kitten was adopted out to someone else simply because the second applicant wanted

I was so pleased when Michelle took care of my dog Sam. She took him jogging when I injured my leg and he really enjoys that. I was also pleasantly surprised when I returned home from my trip and she taught him how to lie down. I’ve never been able to teach him that trick! Now when I tell him

Michelle is PHENOMENAL with dogs. We have a (very stubborn) 8 year-old bully who is not a people-pleaser and adheres to her own agenda…unless she’s with Michelle. Michelle gets Toro to eat, walk, play and obey. I trust Michelle implicitly in our home and with my baby!

I recently boarded my dog at All Tails and i am hooked! I will never board her elsewhere. The facility was very clean and well maintained. The dog runs are much larger and have a lower daily rate then other local kennels I have scoped out. The staff was all very friendly and very passionate

Offer everything they say with good referrals for other services such as veterinarians.

This is a nice big PetSmart. It's always clean. The staff is helpful. The layout is good. They almost always have what I need, and if they don't have it,.

The Mutt Hutt is a great, reasonably affordable doggie daycare destination in Tremont. I take my pup there once or twice a week, when I have full days at.

Anderson Family Pet Center carries all natural, local and unique gifts for your pets. The owners are there everyday and truely care about your shopping.

Took my doggie here when he was a puppy. He is a yorkie so his hair gets long, and we can tell it bugs him so we get it cut. We took him here for his first.

They take great care of my older hybrid - read mutt - dog! She's going on 11 or 12 years old and has really thick hair. I get her groomed every 60-90.

We used to take both my Golden Retriever and my Beagle to Loving Touch Animal Care.Both of my dogs tended to get nervous at kennels, we had previous.

If you are not a cat or dog person, perhaps you might consider getting a bird. The Bird Shoppe in Fairfield is a really neat store with all kinds of cool.

It's very clean and well organized. The front of the store is the retail section, the back housed the dog baths. They looked pretty busy getting all the.

Some of the nicest vets you'll ever met. They offer 24 hour emergency services (you have to call ahead), grooming, and ever run an animal shelter. I don't.

I would say be cautious, I love Lori she has a great heart, but the last time I boarded my dogs there was a bad experience. When I picked them up my young.

Everyone here was really friendly, and we were able to get our 3 dogs in last minute. Our dogs played the entire weekend, and came home and slept for 2.

A few years ago, i lived on the far east side, and this was my vet. this vet is so good that when i moved to nyc, i still kept my cat's physical.

After much searching and visiting local kennels and dog boarding places in the area we were happy to finally find a place where we feel comfortable leaving.

We've been taking our pets to Shar-Jo's for years and have no complaints. The staff genuinely loves animals and our dogs have always come back smelling.

I recommend bringing your pet(s) here while you are away on vacation. The staff is very friendly, it's clean and they all care for animals very much. They.

My parents have been taking their new baby.I mean my replacement.I mean yellow lab to Rover Come Over for little over a year now. The staff cannot get.

Momo hated dog hotels until DK. I don't know what goes on in there but if Momo runs to the hotel, it must be a pretty fun place.

Where my family's furry members go to get pretty.Barks-N-Bubbles is a tiny grooming business in West Chester that can make even the most scraggly and.

Ok - so I don't live in Columbus area anymore but I know Linda very well and when she visits us my cats hate to see her leave. She truly loves animals and.

Although i've never experienced their large mammal care, they are the best vets i've ever come across for Exotic Reptile Care.I have a Uromastyx lizard and.

I recently visited SICSA for the first time in hopes of adopting a puppy I saw on petfinder.com. The staff was friendly and helpful and stayed past closing.

GOOD STORY: It could have been awful, but prior to meeting my husband, his six-month old Golden Retriever was hit by a car in front of our house and.

All About the Dogs is great place that offers full service washing and grooming. Cindy (owner) is also a pet sitter! Her house is Carson's home away from.

The absolute best! Matt and Doreen are have wonderful relationship with my dog, as well as all the dogs they have trained. My dog was lucky to know Doreen.

Great owners, great place, I drive 30 minutes out of my way to take my lab here. He loves the place, I love it, for me its like taking a child to daycare,.

I would give this place 3 1/2 stars. This place is always clean, and the staff is really nice. They also offer kennels that have webcams so you can see.

Knapp is where my family takes our cats. If it means anything, all four of these outdoor felines have lived beyond 20 years. They've also inoculated many.

I popped in here thinking I was in Columbus Cheesecake Co and got the shock of my life.instead of human treats I was confronted with game versions of.

I recently boarded Caspar Beans and Bozz here when I had to go out of town for 3 days. Making reservations was easy, and the staff were very friendly. They.

I had a bad experience at a former day care/boarding place and followed one of their stellar employees to Village Gate. Although my little one would rather.