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I paid in full 800+ dollars which was dumb only went 4 times. I would never send my dog back to this man. He was rude doesn't know how to speak with people. Yelled at me and my dog. Grabbed my arm to show me how the dog feels. Which he should never touch anyone! Wish I would have got my money

Just so anyone who's looking for this business website it is betfriendcrittersitters.com. They have been taking care of my pets for at least six years and i could not be happier with their service. They treat your pets like they are their own and actual do what they say they do and walk

Above and beyond the call.My dog, Mr. B, just underwent his second tumor removal surgery in two weeks. The care he received was excellent (he's on the.

The Bark O Lounge is a really good pet sitting service in Nashville (most are just outside the city). Basically you just drop off your dog, cough up twenty.

Growing up, all of our family's pets went to Eastview Veterinary Clinic. Up until a few years ago, I was still driving from Nashville to Clarksville when.

I used to take my cat here back when I lived in Franklin and this place lives up to its name. They have a resident cat, Mr. Stinky, who just roams around.

Happy Retales is the retail shop for Happy Tales Humane, the no-kill animal shelter. Most of the proceeds for everything they sell go right back to help.

Dog's Rule is a day dog-sitting facility which also offers grooming (requires an appointment), daily pick-up from a kennel or vet's boarding facility, and.

Charming pet store that offers natural, organic pet foods and supplies and also offers a self serve dog washing area. the dog washing area is designed.

I needed goldfish and the stuff that goes with the aquarium and petsmart was the perfect first stop. If they didn't have the right equipment they even.

The largest, friendliest pet store in midtown. Not as big or 'airy' as Petco, Hollywood Pet Star has provided good service, advice to midtown for years. The.

After putting our dog through two PetSmart puppy training classes, we were looking for further his training (or more so, just make sure he didn't forget the.

Hands down, one of the best groomers is Creature Comforts. And I don't mean that they necessarily give the best cut to your pup, but I consider them to be.

See Spot Eat is an awesome all-dog pet supply store in Berry Hill that literally has everything you could ever imagine, and then some, for your dog - small,.

Camp Bow Wow provides a crucial service for Nashville residents. They take care of your dog while you are away at work or traveling. Now, I don't know.

They are consistently voted the best veterinarians in Nashville. They do have exceptional service here. They call you before your appointment to remind you,.

As a scout, I typically try to stay away from reviewing major chain stores such as this, but it's truly hard to find a really good pet store, and I think.

I haven't used the doggie wash services at Lucky Pup, but I can speak for the incredible selection of collars, leashes, toys, beds, and anything else you.