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DO NOT send your precious pets here! Our poor dog got left in his crate because they "FORGOT about him" after a little foot injury. We gave them another chance for boarding over the weekend and it was a JOKE. He "ran out" of a week's worth of food (for 3 nights) and there was MINIMAL playing...

Stole money from our home. Left dogs penned without food. Neighbors intervened while we were out of the country. Do not trust Gabriel Kelly. Run a background check if you are unconvinced.

This service neglects dogs. She was paid to come to our house 3 times a day for 2 weeks. Once in the morning to let our 4 dogs out, once around noon to bring them in because of the oppressive heat, and once in the evening to take them for a walk, then leave them inside overnight. When we got

Woof City was excellent!! They took care of my dog with so much care. It has a clean and spacious atmosphere for each animal. This was our first experience leaving our dog at a boarder and it was wonderful!

Yuppie Puppy Studios has cared for all of my dogs over the last 25 years. I would never take a chance taking them anywhere else! When I drive past Burk to vist relatives in Lawton, OK my dogs get happy and excited - wanting to go Yuppie Puppy again to be groomed!

I went to Yuppy Puppy because a friend had been to her 2 times before recently and she did a great job. My friend has a standard poodle and I have a toy poodle so I thought she would do a good job. She told me she would give him a teddy bear cut and I said OK. She asked if I wanted his paws

I have used Yuppie Puppy for many years and always been very Happy with their service. Real professionals with a clean facility, happy smiling faces, and a dog report card with each visit. Plus my dogs love going there!

Over the last three weeks, our cat hasn't been eating as well as she should. After charging us $350 for "tests", the vet concluded he doesn't know what is wrong with our cat and sent us home with the recommendation to try a different catfood. We are already feeding her Royal Canin so I doubt

I was so lucky I found Woof City. The atmosphere is great. The people are friendly and truly enjoy the pets they have. There are two large indoor play rooms and about an acre of fence outdoor play area. When I picked Tahoe up she was laying on the couch next to the receptionist. She was so

Needs diversity training. Owner was screaming racial slurs into phone. She was not professional.

I have two lab mixes that love Action Pack! This place is one of a kind with tons of activities to keep my energetic dogs busy all day! I never feel guilty leaving them here. Very attentive staff, wonderful facility, super clean and nice. These guys know dogs!!

I really like this place! The second I walked in, the couple that owns this place greeted my dog and I really nicely! They got little Einstein in and out in.

The dog I am fostering for SNIPSA got fixed on Tuesday and ARC is where I had to take him. These guys are great. They spay and neuter dogs and cats based on.

I absolutely LOVE this place.and so do my doggies! I travel a lot and my dogs need boarding at least 1x a month and for 1-2 weeks at a time. Because of.

Just wanted to say a word about the man with the clipboard. Every time Emancipet goes offsite somebody has to work the parking lot. That man is Delwin Goss,.

When I finally got my dogs home from being boarded at Barkerhaus Kennels, they were pooped and barely moved. This is always a good sign!I live in Austin,.

I haven't tried the Boarding, day care or spa yet but Country Acres also has a do it yourself dog wash that I got to wash my two dirty dogs.First off, I.

Set in a remodeled private residence, Bruno's is designed as a do it yourself pet washing facility, or make an appointment and they will do the work for.

Finding a happy, healthy place to board my little pup when I am on the road was a chore. I had a horrible experience at Man's Best Friend and wanted to give.

This animal clinic is as good as it gets! My dog is pretty UN- MANNERED, but that never fazes the staff or Dr. Richards! They always welcome us and take.

If you are looking for a pet stylist (dog groomer), you definitely need to call Jessy. A professional groomer for the past 8 years. Grooms all breeds &.

Petsmart training is AWESOME! The price is really reasonable. $110+ for 8 sessions? beat that! The staff are helpful, always on-time, and professional.

The only place I would take my pet for grooming- they treat Patsy like family. Highly recommended. The new address is 6817 Wolflin Ave # 1Amarillo, TX.

Yes my big furry kitty snuck out and spent the night outside returning home a big mess! She was filthy and full of fleas! Im a fairly new cat owner as I.

I took my terror of a dog Hemingway to Stay & Play today for his meet and greet. :-) Uh, can I tell you at this moment he is wiped out. He actually laid.

My uncle's dog got ran over and I was trying to find a place to properly dispose of the dog for him, they were cheapest I could find in Waco, $20 for a.

We took our dog to training classes here. The staff and instructors were friendly, knowledgeable and always available if I had any questions. The price of.

Friendly professionals willing to help. Very fast workers, fun to watch.Reasonably priced, accomodating to weird schedules.

This place is great. The staff is really awesome.But my oh my do my dogs hate this place. The second we pull into the parking lot they freak the eff.

Only gotten to use Adare once but she is professional and very enthusiastic about her job. She is super reliable and leaves detailed logs about her visits.

First off, I'm cheating a little bit here: I live in LA, not Houston. But when I found out my beloved former pet-sitter was one of the amazing ladies.

Ahhhh PetCo, how I love thee. More than Petsmart, which seem to be abundant in the Valley. This is the first PetCo in the area and it's still brand.

Ginger and Team Pampered Pooches are wonderful. Our Cocker Spaniel is a retired Show Girl so we are pretty peculiar about her grooming. First time can.

This is the 4th groomers I have tried in the past year. I finally found one I am sticking with (see my other reviews for the bad ones). The women are fun;.

Mutt Works has been open for more than a year now and it's a welcome addition to the Coppell neighborhood. We've tried washing our dogs at home, but.

The wait was a bit long to have had an appointment, but their prices are in line with others. The doctor we saw was very couteous, very knowledgeable and.

I started my puppy in Dog De Salon's puppy program. They work with your puppy and get him used to the grooming environment so they aren't traumatized. I.

My mom takes our family dog here for a bath and nail clipping once a month. She always has had a great experience and our dog comes back with a cute.

DogBoy's, you soothe the psycho obsessive pet-mommy in me. Why worry when your dog is going to doggie paradise? Tons of land to run around on, playgroups,.

I take my dog to get her nails clipped here - i like the groomers. I like this location. Seems cleaner then others and I like the set up.

Okay now.it's time to say something on a more positive note! Dao! Da-ao! Dao! Da-ao! Are you rockin' in the house.oy.oy.

Dr. Darren Williams and his staff could not possibly be more friendly and compassionate when it comes to treating the maladies of your pets.Even when I've.

It was because of Sarah's review I took my dog here. She couldn't have hit the nail more squarely on the head.Michael Cole must be sent from Dog Heaven. I.

Hi, I'm Mason (who you see in my owner's pic) and my sister Moxie. We're writing this review instead of Anthony because he'll write BOOOOORING stuff like.

I've been giving out 5 stars like crazy today! Well this store is amazing. I like the fact things are IN STOCK and the customer service reps are nice and.

I am going to give a bit of a mixed review of this place. I was very impressed with being able to search their listings of pets online and the wide variety.

We take our dog here to get his nails clipped. He also got a full groom before our wedding (he was the ring bearer!). They are great here. They are super.

If you've ever broken your back bending over the tub bathing an animal, what I'm about to tell you will make your day. If you've ever had an animal roll.

Took our little rat-terrier mix to Groomingdale's for the first time yesterday for a bath, etc. The lady was very pleasant and professional and did a good.

I noticed too how helpful the staff was. We were looking for fish to keep our turtle company (bad idea) and one younger guy was just full of information on.