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I took classes with All Dogs and the trainer was wonderful! She helped me and my dog learn so much about each other.

The owner, Tony, hung up on me. For a wedding gift, I was given a gift cert. for 6 wk obedience training, and 2 grooming appointments for my dog. I didn't have time to use it immediately, due to moving, unpacking, settling in, getting my former house prepared to rent, and finding tenants.

When we lived in the Roosevelt neighborhood, and before I had my own dog walking business, we used Monica Magee @ Doglover Dogwalk.She is great.Tell her.

The Best Spokane Pet Sitter By Far!Want Your Pets To Be Loved And Cared For While You Are Away?Then I Recommend PET-PALS They Are The Best I Have Ever.

One of the only reasons I am truly sad to be out of Tacoma is the distance of the Puget Sound Pet Pavilion.Several years ago, my cat Piglet got.

I bring my dog here two or three days a week and he loves it! The staff is friendly and has a genuine interest in the health and all around well being of.

As part of my summer soul searching, I decided that it was time I did something feel good. Given my love for furry animals, I decided to volunteer at the.

This place is conveniently located next to Clark Lake Park, where my dogs enjoy running recklessly around in the mud chasing each other.Thank God for.

Ruff House - A wonderful place to go. A professionally run facility with leading edge dog bathing equipment designed and build by the owner. The owners.

Kindness and a genuine sense of caring count for a lot in my book when it comes to dealing with any business. Nicki and Bill (the owners), are just about.

We boarded our bunnies here for 10 days last fall and it was a good experience. They were well taken care of, the price was very reasonable, and our little.

The birds here are obviously well-loved, well-socialized, healthy and responsibly bred. This is something of a rarity in the companion parrot world and.

I used to take my cat here to get shaved. She even did it as a lion one time which was awesome. It was only 30 bucks which is cheap for a cat since they.

Aka the Bed & BiscuitIf I could give this place a million stars I would because they are that incredibly wonderful, and my dog loved them as much as I.

Faith is gonna kill me. We were going to keep this place a secret.since it's so easy right now to book in.but I can't let a good business go un-Yelped,.

I bought a one way ticket on the Crazy Bus to Crazy Town and I was the driver.In my desperation to find Hermione, I went ahead and plunked down my.

We run our dogs out in the mess that is the NW and they get plenty dirty. At the end of a long, fun, trail run we head over to Dog Gone Clean on Hwy 99 in.

Getting the right education as a youth is the key to being a well adjusted young adult. I know this first hand as my mother let me run loose as a child and.

Positive Approach is almost your one stop shop for dogs - this and a good place to get food and grooming supplies and you're set. They offer doggy daycare.

Pugs are adorable dogs that make loving companions. Unfortunately, each year many are given up by their families for various (often sad) reasons. Luckily,.

I love my cats. I wanted them to be well taken care of when I left the country for a week, but all of my reliable friends are allergic to cats, had plans to.

A coworker recommended this cats only facility to me. I needed to get my three cats their yearly shots. Its very clean, the reception area is big and.

I can not tell you how many times a day I look at the pictures Nichole took of our puppy Branimir. She was right when she recommended we take some when he.

My dog loves water - loves, loves, loves it. However - mention bath time and my lovable, cuddly dog becomes the Hound From Hell. The last bath he had a.

This will be a two part review.Right now, Dr. Androsski gets 5 stars. We went to Animal Hospital for 2 reasons; to interview potential vets and to have.

I actually had my extra-furry guy groomed by Kimberly (The Grooming Shack, located within the same business), and she did a great job, and for a little less.

Taking care of a pet is a big responsibility they have all these demands like needing to be fed, given water, taken outside etc etc. In the future we need.

This walker will be working for us my birthday weekend.He is a very nice chap, servicing the West Seattle area.He does neighborhood walks and trips to the.

Now I know that I should at least wait until Puget Pets actually completes my petsitting arrangement, but I just couldn't keep my mouth shut about this.

We recently adopted a 2 year old dog. She was not socialized with people or other dogs and was very afraid of men. We weren't quite sure how she would react.

Where all the chic doggies go to be groomed.My little High Maintenance Fancy White Barbie Dog HATES being groomed. HATES IT! And she fusses and growls and.

I've boarded my dog here for 1 week and also sent her in for doggie daycare and I've been extremely pleased. For those complaining about the smell - QUIT.

It took 3 months but it finally happened. My return visit to Lisa and as I'd hoped she is still Five Star worthy! I have tried other groomers, most.

I have never take a dog to the groomers before. In the past I've had smallish dogs (basset hound, beagles), & have just bathed them at home. I recently.

We just finished puppy kindergarten here and Doobee has learned a lot. I recommend going to the classes taught by Grisha (she is the owner after all). Their.

Due to some kitty separation anxiety resulting in one of my kitties purposefully peeing outside of her box when we went out of town, we trialed boarding.

We adopted a little Bichon Frise about two and half years ago and we have her groomed about every 6-8 weeks. We were going to the grooming center at Petco.

I'm a huge fan of this joint. My cockapoo, Pretty Damn Bold, has been to three groomers over her 9 years of life. The first (over towards Children's.

Lisa has been great for Ellie and me. It's great to know that there is someone reliable taking care of Ellie when I'm at work. I was nervous at first about.

Wonderful! I have had some terrible experiences with groomers- My Maltese is 4 so he's had regular grooming most his life and we have had various problems.

I buy all of my cat food here (although I adopted my cats from PAWS). I really like the owner, she is usually the one who rings me up because it is such a.

We are so fortunate to have such an incredible magazine as City Dog based here in the Northwest! Okay, yeah I advertise in it but chose to because of what.